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3468 A Kaimuki Ave

Honolulu, Hawaii 96816


phone: (808) 732 – 6037




University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

                Department of Zoology, advisor: Dr. Leonard Freed

                PhD (1995-present)  GPA 4.00 in 33 credit hours


Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut

                Bachelor of Science, Biology, May 1992

                Second Major, Studies in the Environment

                Distinction in the Major (Biology)

                Overall GPA 3.26; GPA in Biology 3.52





PhD Research (February 1997-present)

Cooloola National Park, Queensland, Australia

Conducted independent research on seed dispersal by birds in and around a subtropical rainforest.  Principle aims were to determine: whether bird species differed in their effectiveness at dispersing seeds (measured using radio-tracking), whether seeds benefited from dispersal (measured using experimental arrays of dispersed seeds), and whether dispersers were transporting seeds to regenerating habitat (measured using seed traps and surveys of seedlings).  Previously undocumented in the literature, I discovered that birds are directly seeding open habitat resulting in substantial recruitment of rainforest tree species.

Writer (July –September 2000)                                                

   David Olsen, World Wildlife Fund

Wrote accounts of ecoregions for 13 Pacific areas (Fiji, Samoa, Kermadec Islands, Tuamotu Archepelago, Tonga, Tuvalu   islands), and the Pantanal seasonal wetland (in Brazil) under contract.  Work included all research and organization required to put together 2-3 page descriptions of flora and fauna  in these areas as well as current conservation threats and endangered species. 

Research Assistant (January-July 2000)     

Western Australia and Queensland, Australia

     Helen Hays, American Museum of Natural History

Organized permits, logistics, and sample collection for study of Roseate Tern (Sterna dougallii) genetic diversity and population structure in Australia.

Field Research Intern (January - March 1995)

Hawaii Volcanoes N.P., Hawaii, U.S.A.

  Paul Banko, USGS Biological Resources Division                 Phone: (808) 967-7406

Assisted with foraging and nesting study of the Palila, an endangered Hawaiian drepanid honeycreeper on the Big  Island of Hawaii.  Radio-tracked birds, recorded foraging observations, measured flowering and fruiting of food trees.     Mist-netted adults. Also assisted with helicopter surveys of endangered Hawaiian Crow and annual population census of  Palila. 

Banding Station Manager (September-November 1994)

Weeks Bay, Alabama, U.S.A.

  Frank Moore, University of Southern Mississippi                  Phone: (601) 266-4929

Established and ran a 30-40 net mist netting station for three months during autumn passerine migration to capture birds migrating between North and South/Central America.  Identified, aged, sexed, and banded over 800 individuals of 60 species.  Carried out nightly ceilometer counts of migrants in flight. 

Field Research Assistant (April-July 1994, 1995)

Fort Hood Military Reservation, Texas, U.S.A.

  John Cornelius, CERL and U.S. Army       Phone: (817) 288-5039

  Intensive nest searching and mist netting of endangered Black-capped Vireos on Army installation. Became familiar with aspects of Endangered Species Act relevant to conducting research on an endangered bird.   Each season, color banded male and female vireos and reconfirmed bands on previously banded birds. Identified plant species around nests. Assisted with design of research impact study to measure the impact that monitoring activities were having on the vireo population. Carried out all duties unsupervised and   completed report on non-live fire area vireo populations at the end of contracts.

Field Research Assistant (September-November 1993)

Dunedin, New Zealand

  Dr. Henrik Moller, University of Otago     Phone (03) 479-1100

Trapped ferrets and stoats in a study of predation in colonies of endangered Yellow-eyed Penguins. Censused   nesting population of penguins on the South Island of New Zealand. Trapped cats and ferrets for radio telemetry study of predation on endangered Black Stilts.

Banding Station Manager (July-August 1993)

Timber Creek, Northern Territory, Australia

  Camilla Lawson, Conservation Commission of the Northern Territory

Set up mist netting stations to capture endangered Gouldian Finches and other grass finches for a long term population study. Banded over 500 finches. Managed three assistants and taught them to extract birds from nets and to band. Coordinated activities with national park staff and carried out all duties unsupervised.     

Field Research Assistant  (March-June 1993)            

Kangaroo Island, South Australia, Australia

  John Pepper, University of Michigan

  Conducted focal watches and investigated nesting and foraging behavior of the endangered Glossy Black Cockatoo.  Censused island  population of cockatoos with two other biologists.  Involved in all aspects of design, data-collection, and publication of study on the impacts of fire on cockatoo habitat in a national park.

Field Research Assistant (December 1992-March 1993)

Maria Island National Park, Tasmania, Australia

  Dr. Anne Goldizen, University of Queensland

Mapped territories and assessed territory quality in a study of the breeding systems of Tasmanian Native Hens.  Trapped and banded birds and assisted with surgical procedure (laparotopy) to sex birds.  Carried out nest searches.

Field Research Assistant (September-December 1992)

Atherton, Queensland, Australia

  Dr. Gerald Borgia, University of Maryland

Set up and maintained video surveillance system for a study of Golden Bowerbird courtship behavior. Mist netted and banded Golden Bowerbirds. Designed and implemented color preference experiments.         

Field Research Assistant (May-August 1979-1992)

Great Gull Island, New York, U.S.A.

  Helen Hays, American Museum of Natural History                Phone (212) 769-5794

  Led daily census of Common Tern and endangered Roseate Tern population on Great Gull Island, New York. Carried out mist-net study of avian parasite vectors of Lyme's Disease involving capture of 100s of   birds and removal of their ectoparasites. Assisted with offshore surveys and banding at other tern colonies.





Albert A. Tester Award (2000) Award for oral presentation at Testers Symposium, University of Hawaii.  $750.

MacArthur Fellowship (1999-2000) Single year fellowship providing salary, benefits and tuition.   $16,000.

Fulbright Fellowship (1997-1999) Single year fellowship providing salary, travel allowance, and moving expenses for research in Australia (additional year of health care applied for and received).  $22,000.

Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology (EECB) Program Travel Grant (1999)  Grant to fund travel to and presentation at the Ecological Society of America Annual Meeting, Spokane, Washington.  $700.

EECB Program Travel Grant (1998)  Grant to fund travel to and presentation at International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa.  $1,500.

Stuart Leslie Research Award (1998)  Small grant which funded a portion of my PhD research.  $500.

EECB Program Research Grant (1997) Grant which provided funding for a portion of my PhD research.  $1,000.

EECB Program Fellowship (1995-1998)  Full fellowship providing salary, tuition waiver, and health care. $49,000.

Richter Fellowship, Yale University (1991)  Small grant for independent research on arthropods of Great Gull Island, NY.  $500.

Sounds Conservancy Grant, Yale University (1991)  Small grant for salt marsh vegetation study.  $400.

State of Connecticut Scholastic Achievement Award (1988) Partial award for cost of university tuition.  $2,000.







3rd  International Symposium on Frugivory and Seed Dispersal,  Sao Pedro, Brazil (2000).  Oral presentation.

Ecological Society of America, Spokane, Washington (1999).  Oral presentation.

XXI International Ornithological Congress, Durban, South Africa (1998).  Poster presentation.

Society for Conservation Biology annual meeting, Sydney, Australia (1998).  Poster presentation.

Ecological Society of Australia, Townsville, Australia (1996). 

Washington Workshop Foundation Award (1987) One week workshop on government in Washington D.C.

Connecticut American Legion Boys State (1987) One week seminar on practical operation of US government.