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Other birds



People in the Pantanal

People were extremely friendly everywhere we went.  Of course, they only spoke Portuguese and a little Spanish.  Winnie came to the rescue and with her vast knowledge of Spanish was able to amuse and delight large numbers of girls and many of the locals we met on the way.


Travel was easy, at least from the airport at Cuiaba to the entrance to the Pantanal: we rented a little Volkswagon with a broken gas gauge and set off!  Once past the entrance, the road got a little more worn looking.  This is one of 100's of log bridges along our route.  It had collapsed during the last wet season but was still drivable.  Some of the bridges were parallel beams over the water.  We made it though.  The gas gauge gave us some worries, so we visited the two gas stations within the Pantanal: neither had any gas...

The proportions of food were impressive.  Here Winnie sits before the usual array: fried eggs, chicken, boiled potatoes, fried bananas, sliced cucumber, sliced carrot, sliced tomatoes, rice, and beans.  The food was similar everywhere in the bush, but always good and we never left the table hungry.


The Hyacinth Macaw is one of the symbols of the Pantanal....this one was a little bigger and more technologically advanced than most.

Apparently fish are also popular as phones....